Hallo, I'm Alessandra Fusi
Illustrator based in Bologna, Italy

I've been working full time as an illustrator, mostly for books for children and young adults since 2007, working on titles published all around the world.
You can find my editorial portfolio at
: alessandrafusi.com

I lov
e my job and I would not change it for anything in the world at the moment, but the work I do only allows me to explore and represent one side of my personality: the one that loves all things whimsical, colorful and magical.

There's also another side of me, though, or better yet, a different shade of the same magic-loving aspect of my personality: the one that also loves all things about Witchcraft, esotericism, Dark Arts and Spells.
A side that was desperately asking to be explored and represented in my work.

That's how "Melinore Noctua" is born: she is a Witch and the keeper of this space
where I explore my love for witchcraft, myths and magic ☾

“Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill: An ye harm none, do what ye will.”

- The Witches’ Rede ☽